I Had No Idea There Was Such a History Behind Veterans Day!


Did you know that Veterans Day hasn’t always been called Veterans Day, and that it wasn’t always celebrated on November 11th?

Originally, Veterans Day was known as Armistice Day. Armistice Day was a day set aside to honor veterans of World War I, but in 1954 President Eisenhower officially changed Armistice Day to Veterans Day in order to recognize and honor all veterans.

In 1971, in an effort to create a three-day weekend for Federal employees, Congress delcared that Veterans Day was to be celebrated on the fourth Monday in October every year. The date change of the holiday was met with much confusion, and people were generally unhappy with the switch. Therefore, because of the historical significance of the November 11th date, Veterans Day was officially changed back to the 11th of November permanently.

Watch the video below to learn more about this holiday where we honor the soldiers of past and present for their service to our nation.

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