After 66 Years Of Waiting, This Veteran Get A Wish Granted

Ralph Wozniak and his wife LaVerne have worked hard their entire lives. Ralph enlisted into the Marine Corps during WWII and then again to fight in Korea. Ralph and LaVerne got married in 1949 and continue being an adorable couple so many years later. But something was missing from their lives, something that they had always wanted to do when they were younger, but missed out on due to Ralph’s service to our country!

During WWII, the entire country was focusing on the war effort, so for Ralph and LaVerne, there was no prom. Ralph missed the prom a second time when he was deployed to Korea. Dances might not seem that important to some, but the Wozniak’s met at a USO dance and courted each other that way. Prom was the only dance they hadn’t shared!

That is, until the Hillsborough County Aging Services threw a Senior Prom in Tampa, FL.

Ralph and LaVerne got dressed to the nines; LaVerne wore a stunning gold dress with a sash and Ralph looked spiffy in a grey suit and a bow-tie. And based on a random drawing out of a hat, Ralph was even crowned “prom king!” It was a great day for the both of them, a day they won’t soon forget.

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Stories like this have been popping up of veterans getting to experience things that they missed because of their service, things that many of us take for granted like receiving a diploma or going to a dance. It is important that we continue to take care of our veterans and honor them after their wars have ended. As of the 2012 census, the number of veterans that were over the age of 65 surpassed 12.4 million. These veterans need our help in terms of health care, but also in understanding the resources that the VA can offer them as they grow older, benefits that include pensions, burial benefits, and health insurance!

The Veterans Site has created a petition that allows you to take action on this issue. By signing this petition, your signature will be sent to the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, asking them to focus more of their efforts and funds on the elderly veteran community. Your voice can make a difference in helping those who served for us long ago.

Show them that we haven’t forgotten about their courageous service to this country!

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