Sheriff’s Deputy and Canine Partner Reunite After 5 Years of Heartbreaking Separation


Tate County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Finley and his police canine partner Furax, an eight-year-old Belgian Malinois, spent three years patrolling and protecting the streets and citizens of Tate County, Mississippi. That was until a fateful night in February 2011 when Brandon (who was off duty at the time) was shot.

The shooting left Brandon critically injured with massive head trauma and Furax’s future unknown. But while Brandon was fighting for his life in the hospital, Furax was being retired from the department, as no one else could handle him. Brandon’s family wanted to keep Furax, and asked a “friend” to hold Furax while they focused on Brandon. Instead, the friend sold Furax to a local man who wanted Furax for protection.

Instead of giving Furax the retirement that he deserved, the man left Furax in his backyard and neglected him for nearly six years.


Earlier this year, the new owner passed away, and Furax was rescued. He had suffered such a severe case of neglect that he too has extensive brain trauma and neurological disorders.

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