Some Kids Aren’t Served by the Medical Supply Industry – but They Need Help Getting Around. Go Baby Go Has a Simple Solution.

Two men go to the local toy store and take every Power Wheels and similar ride-on cars off their shelves and mounts and litter the aisle with the big toys. When a manager asks what they’re doing, Dr. Cole Galloway answers “we’re having a lab meeting.” See, wheel chairs and other mobility assistance devices are unavailable or prohibitively expensive for small children – so how do you help young children born with spina bifida or cerebral palsy? Cole’s answer is both affordable – less than $200 per car – and fun. See how his non-profit Go Baby Go has modified toy cars to help the most desperate, and how you can do it yourself. And it’s all free, because why would you hold your designs for money when there are 100,000 children in need? That’s Cole’s question, not ours. And it’s a good one.

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