Veterans Sound Off — What Are The Military’s Least Favorite Meals?

[Eds: List includes edited vulgarity and may be offensive to some readers.]

It’s no surprise that military personnel on the go often don’t have the time, nor the resources, to prepare a home-cooked meal. Enter the Meal, Ready to Eat, or MRE, which has been the source of nourishment for service members in the field since 1981. While MREs are super-portable and low on maintenance, not all of these ready-to-eat meals are conducive to happy – or even healthy – eating. Here are some of those MRE dishes that military members would prefer to do without.

8. Beef Frankfurters

Beef frankfurters – or better known to some as the “Five Fingers of Death” – have been described as not only disgusting but deadly. Reddit user Kodiak_Marmoset rejoiced that this particular MRE is no more: “Thank GOD that s—‘s been gone a while.”

7. Country Captain Chicken

Country Captain Chicken may be universally hated. In fact, Reddit user lanismycousin considered it “by far the worst excuse for food the world has ever made.”

6. Beef Brisket

Although the beef brisket has received a nod toward edibility from some service members, other Reddit users were quick to refute such a notion. Redditor Amphabian said the brisket “becomes a smooshing mash of disgustingness after heated.”

5. Buffalo Chicken

Buffalo chicken as an MRE doesn’t taste awful, but it may have some lasting effects. Here’s a succinct explanation of these effects from Reddit user tomtomx2: “It’s lava diarrhea, man.”

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