5 Stories From 2014 That We’ll Remember for Years to Come!

As 2015 nears, it’s only natural for us to look back on 2014. And, you know what? 2014 was great. No, 2014 was fantastic! To be honest, though we’re beyond excited for 2015, we’re kind of sad to see 2014 go 🙁

But why was 2014 so great? Because of you, of course! We love hearing your stories. We love that you invite us all into your home and speak of yourself, your family, and your experiences.  Quite simply, your stories inspire us, and the community you’ve helped build.

So, before 2014 is gone, we want to celebrate that. In this post, you’ll find five of our favorites from this past year. Was it difficult to choose? Heck yes it was! But, if after these five you’d like to read more, you can go here. Or, you can submit your own story here.

Thank you so much for your stories, and, please, do keep them coming. Happy New Year, folks!


Daughter and Son-In-Law Heroes In So Many Ways

My daughter is a 4th generation soldier in the US Army, married to a 4th Generation soldier in the US Army. Her great grandfather was in the Phillipine insurrection, her father was in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Her father was also a “shake and bake” Cold War warrior. She met her future husband on post in Ft. Drum, NY and married him while home on R&R from her deployment to Kuwait, and prior to his deployment to Afghanistan. He is in EOD and has a very dangerous job.  She is currently serving in the Army Reserves as a field medic.

They are expecting their first son, and our first grandchild, in April. They lace up their boots and serve knowing that soon they will both be deployed again, and for who knows how long, or how many times. They are loyal and dedicated to each other, their mission, and they continue to place defending this nation as top priority. Young, still in their early twenties, they face each day knowing their lives are on the line. They are triple S heroes: Soldiers, Spouses, and heroes to their parents and Siblings. We could not be more proud and we would like you veteran supporters to meet them through this site.

Steve JonesLiberty, KY


Before Vietnam

Not every story is of glory or grief. Sometimes they’re just funny.

So here I was, seaman apprentice aboard the USS Blue Ridge, one of the original crew as the ship was still being built in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. Had to be careful where you stepped. Might be an unfinished deck and it’s a long way down if you’re not paying attention.

One day I was in the Air Ops compartment when a phone rang. So I answered it with: “Hello?”

On the other end was none other than Captain Kent J Carrol, commanding officer. He barked, “This is how you answer a phone, sailor? Who is this?”

I said, “You mean you don’t know who this is, sir?”

He actually said: “No!”

So I actually said, “Good!” I then hung up and ran my ass out of there as fast as I could!

Captain Carrol commanded Blue Ridge through her maiden voyage around the horn, and into the South Pacific. My station was on the bridge the day Blue Ridge came under fire following operations off the coast of North Vietnam, and it was Captain Carrol who gave orders to turn the ship into the fire and for us to open fire – engaging the shore battery.

Enemy guns were silenced. Wow! What a great Captain!

Bill BrownChicago, IL

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